Partner David Hartquist Quoted in an American Metal Market Article
January 30, 2009
Partner David Hartquist was quoted in an American Metal Market article, titled “ITC to Vote on China Graphite Electrodes.” The article discussed an International Trade Commission (ITC) vote on an anti-dumping investigation into imports of small-diameter graphite electrodes from China. "We are hopeful that we will win," said Mr. Hartquist, who represents the petitioners in the trade case: Superior Graphite Co., Chicago, and SGl Carbon LLC, Charlotte, N.C. The case is particularly important to the U.S. industry because "it has been hit so hard" that there are only two producers left, Hartquist said.

"It is a matter of survival," Hartquist said. With dumping margins of 132.90 to 159.64 percent, "the impact on the domestic industry has been huge." The investigation covered the past three years, but Hartquist said the Chinese began dumping about six years ago when they tried to take over the U.S. market.