Partner David Hartquist Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article
February 20, 2009
Partner David Hartquist was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article titled, "U.S. Steelmakers Seek More Tariffs to Fight Imports." The article discusses the complaints that U.S. steelmakers are preparing against foreign steel imports, a move that could result in tariff increases later this year and escalate trade tensions with China. The companies say higher import tariffs are needed to help them survive the global recession and the shakeout in the U.S. car industry. Foreign steel imports are now subject to low single-digit duties or no tariffs at all. Mr. Hartquist, who represents several large U.S. steel companies, was quoted saying that "Across the board, we see a widespread belief among our clients and their lawyers that the Chinese are dumping their products and that they're vastly subsidized by various levels of the Chinese government."