Partner David E. Fink Speaks to Trademarks and Brands Online Regarding Sony’s IP Attack
January 28, 2015

The Sony hack this past holiday season was truly a nightmare for movie goers, as well as those invested in Sony’s “The Interview” movie. In the Trademarks and Brands Online article, “Sony the lonely: the hack that stole Christmas”, partner David E. Fink discusses the complex issues related to the hack including privacy, intellectual property infringement and free speech rights, as well as its impact on Sony’s profits.

Weeks before “The Interview” was released, hackers leaked private emails of Sony employees’ salaries and soon-to-be released films with the promise of more to come unless Sony complied with their demands and to not release the movie.

Mr. Fink states, “Although content such as scripts, artwork and other materials may be protected by copyright, trademark and other IP laws before their official release, maintaining control over projects, including their development, marketing and exploitation, is essential to achieving full artistic and financial potential.”

Sony was able to release “The Interview” online through various channels without repercussions from the hackers; however, the looming question is whether Sony would have gained the same amount of money via the full movie release versus the online release.

“The Interview was slated for full theatrical release, and significant resources must have been invested in the promotion of the film, pre-release. To have lost that investment by really downsizing the theatrical release is unfortunate,” adds Mr. Fink.

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