Partner Beth D. Jacob Quoted on Plight of Mansoor al-Warifi, a Guantanamo Bay Detainee
October 9, 2015

Partner Beth D. Jacob is Pro Bono Counsel to Mansoor Ahmed Rahman Said al Warifi, a Guantánamo prisoner from Yemen, who last week became the 19th prisoner to have his case reviewed by a Periodic Review Board (PRB).  According to blog Close Guantanamo, the PBR process, established two years ago to review the cases of all the prisoners not facing trials and not already approved for release, is moving “far too slowly.”   Close Guantanamo says that Ms. Jacob’s “account is particularly fascinating” revealing that Mansoor was completely transformed after he met Andy Hart, a Federal Defender in Ohio, who sadly died two years ago.  Ms. Jacob’s said, "Andy encouraged Mansoor to take classes and learn English, and this opened up a whole new world." 

Ms. Jacob’s testimony is posted here.