Partner Alan Luberda Quoted in Law360 Article Regarding ITC Affirmative Decision On Propane Cylinders from China and Thailand
August 8, 2019
Partner Alan Luberda was quoted in the Law360 article, “ITC Says Chinese, Thai Propane Cylinders Hurting US Market,” which details the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) affirmative determination that U.S. manufacturers are being "materially injured" by the imports of steel propane tanks from China and Thailand, because Chinese and Thai producers are selling their products for less than fair value and that imports from China are being subsidized by the Chinese government.
Alan told Law360 "The domestic producers were very pleased with the commission's unanimous affirmative injury determination on steel propane cylinders from China and Thailand. ... The domestic industry lost significant sales to the unfairly traded imports that pervasively undersold the domestic industry. This determination will lay the foundation for restoring fair pricing to the marketplace."   Alan is joined in this case by Kelley Drye trade partners Paul C. Rosenthal and Brooke M. Ringel, as well as Special Counsel David C. Smith and associate Kathleen M. Cusack.
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