New York Law Journal Turns to Mark Konkel for Insight on Increases in Workplace Discrimination Claims in the Wake of the Weinstein Scandal
November 7, 2017
Partner Mark Konkel was quoted in the New York Law Journal article “Amid Weinstein Scandal, Employment Attorneys See Business Gains,” discussing the increase in workplace discrimination claims in the weeks following the allegations of sexual abuse and assault against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Mark said the “tenor of the complaint has changed” with employees now more often alleging a “culture of harassment” and “systematic discrimination.

“In the past, the source of the harm was just one bad actor,” explained Mark. “Now, I think all of this publicity may encourage complainants to think of the source of the harm, not so much of the individual person, but a business that permits it.

Mark also stated that workplace discrimination claims are prevalent in industries, such as the tech industry, as they do not have an “institutional maturity where they have dealt with compliance over a long period of time,” and that they oftentimes see themselves as a “contrarian brand,” as they do not operated in a traditional way.

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