Mobile Marketer Quotes Partner Gonzalo E. Mon on Papa John’s Class Action Suit
November 15, 2012

Partner Gonzalo E. Mon was quoted in a Mobile Marketer article entitled, "Papa John's SMS Practices Could Cost it Over $250M in Damages." Papa John's faces a class action suit over text messages allegedly sent to customers not interested in receiving such communications, with damages potentially reaching more than $250 million. Mr. Mon weighed in on the increase in text message related class action lawsuits. "Some of the cases may involve knowing violations of the TCPA and other laws. Marketers may mistakenly think that they won't get caught or that the consequences won't be too high." He goes on to say, "I think the increase is mostly because class action attorneys have come to see these cases as an easy way to make money. Many class action attorneys are motivated less by stopping harm to consumers than they are by getting a share of the settlement money."

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