McClatchy Quotes Partner Jaimie Nawaday on Mueller Probe and Cohen’s Decision to Hire New Counsel
June 22, 2018
Partner Jaimie Nawaday commented to McClatchy in “Inside the Ukraine Peace Plan in Mueller Probe…” which reports that the peace plan for Ukraine and Russia is one of a few areas involving Cohen that are part of Mueller’s sprawling inquiry.  The controversial peace has drawn headlines and scrutiny from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was initially devised in early 2016 with significant input from an ex-congressman and a Ukrainian-American billionaire, according to a former Ukrainian legislator who promoted the proposal before Donald Trump’s election.

Cohen recently switched lawyers in a sign of his deepening legal troubles. He just hired a former chief of the criminal division in the Southern District and a well established criminal defense lawyer.  Jaimie stated that  “If, like Cohen, you don’t have a lot of credibility and you’re in a tight spot, it’s especially important that you have someone go to bat for you who has a lot of credibility in dealing with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

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