Martha's Vineyard Times Quotes Partner David E. Frulla on Cape Wind Settlement
June 26, 2012

In the article, "Island Fishermen Settle Lawsuit with Cape Wind," The Martha's Vineyard Times reported that the Martha's Vineyard/ Dukes County Fishermen's Association entered into a settlement agreement with Cape Wind Associates.

The paper noted that in 2010, representing the fishermen, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP filed the lawsuit to stop Cape Wind from building a 25-square mile wind turbine farm in the Horseshoe Shoal of Nantucket Sound. "In a 16-page complaint, attorney David Frulla of Kelley Drye and Warren said the Cape Wind energy project would effectively end all commercial fishing on Horseshoe Shoal -- prime, historic fishing grounds for Vineyard fishermen."

"'Island fisherman are under a tremendous amount of regulatory pressure and are already struggling to make a living,' Mr. Frulla said in a press release announcing the lawsuit. 'There are other solutions and alternatives that could better safeguard both the environment and the only way of life for many local residents.'"

The article reported that the parties' joint press release stated the Martha's Vineyard Fishermen agreed to support the Cape Wind project as a sustainable source of clean energy for the future, and Cape Wind and the Martha's Vineyard Fishermen together support a vibrant and sustainable local commercial fishing community on Martha's Vineyard. Cape Wind would contribute to the Martha's Vineyard Fishermen's Preservation Trust, a permit bank established to help protect the livelihood of local fishermen and a vibrant fishing industry.