Law360 quotes Special Counsel Wayne J. D'Angelo on Obama’s Strategy to Cut Methane Emissions
July 15, 2013

Special Counsel Wayne J. D'Angelo was quoted in the Law360 article "Obama Takes Aim At Drillers With Vow To Cut Methane." The article discusses the pledge in President Barack Obama's climate change plan to curb methane emissions, as it appears the administration is preparing to impose stricter emission standards on oil and gas firms and assert more regulatory authority over hydraulic fracturing, which has been mostly left up to the states.

Mr. D'Angelo commented on Obama's pledge to reduce these emissions, "This looks a lot like the foundation or justification for future rulemaking. I think [the Obama administration is] going to go for a second methane rule – they're getting a lot of pressure, and I think they believe a second rule can [further] reduce the emissions profile of the industry." He further commented on possible direct regulation of methane emissions under the Clean Air Act by saying "The CAA acts as a baseline. These rules would increase the baseline and in doing so, take discretion away from the states."