Law360 Quotes Special Counsel Wayne J. D'Angelo on President Obama's Selection of Ernest Moniz to Lead the Department of Energy
March 4, 2013

Special Counsel Wayne J. D'Angelo was quoted in a March 4, 2013 story appearing in Law 360's Energy and Environmental sections entitled "Obama's DOE Pick May Rase Hackles Among Fossil Fuel Foes." 

The article, written by Keith Goldberg,  details the nomination of physicist Ernest Moniz - a politically savvy scientist who shares the President's "all-of-the-above" energy development strategy - to head the U.S. Department of Energy, and how Moniz's public embrace of hydraulic fracturing and nuclear energy may vex lawmakers and environmental groups pressuring the agency to ditch its support of nonrenewables.

"If you like the president's approach to energy, which is essentially 'all of the above,' you probably like Dr. Moniz," said Mr. D'Angelo. "If you don't like that approach, you probably don't like Dr. Moniz." 

When questioned specifically about the backlash from anti-fracking groups, Mr. D'Angelo explained that any environmental concerns over fracking would likely be left to the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, which enforces the Clean Air and Clean Water acts. "The sort of concerns over his [Moniz's] approach to hydraulic fracturing may be a bit overwrought," D'Angelo said.  

Asked how Moniz may navigate the sometimes tricky landscape of Washington politics - an arena that Steven Chu had difficulty mastering - Mr. D'Angelo offered "I think [Moniz] has political sensitives that Dr. Chu didn't have, he's stayed within the policy arena and might have a greater ability to work with Congress and other parts of the [Obama] administration."