Law360 Quotes Special Counsel Wayne J. D’Angelo on Colorado Methane Rules
November 22, 2013

Special Counsel Wayne J. D'Angelo was quoted in the Law360 article "Colo. Methane Rules Could Be National Model." The article discusses how Colorado just became the first U.S. state to directly regulate methane emissions from oil and gas development, and that these rules could provide a template for federal and other state governments as they look to regulate this greenhouse gas. Mr. D'Angelo explained that the U.S. energy boom, fueled by the growth of hydraulic fracturing, has forced states to update their oil and gas regulations at a faster pace, and that likely "a lot of other states are going to look very closely at this proposal... follow the rulemaking process and have a keen interest in, once these rules are finalized, how effective they are and what their impact is on industry in the state."