Law360 Quotes Partner Tom Cohen on Set-Top Box Debate
July 22, 2016

Partner Tom Cohen was quoted in the Law360 article “Consensus Still Lacking In FCC's Set-Top Box Debate.” Discussions between the Federal Communications Commission and industry stakeholders over a proposal to increase competition for pay-TV boxes have moved the agency closer to a final plan, but the article notes that the commission may still have a ways to go before reaching a real consensus. Mr. Cohen represents the American Cable Association, which is pushing for an exemption from final rules for smaller providers, said the group applauds the alternate plan and its recognition that rules shouldn't apply to them. He noted that, "The chairman would like to get to a decision as soon as possible and this proposal is helpful in achieving that goal." Mr. Cohen went on to say that, "The FCC wants a workable solution and it is pressing the parties to help it develop that," adding that it's critical for the FCC to recognize that smaller providers need to be able to move at their own pace.

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