Law360 Quotes Partner Steven A. Augustino on the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau’s Recent Activity
July 7, 2015

Partner Steven A. Augustino was quoted in the Law360 article “FCC Enforcement Shifts Nearing Breaking Point With Industry.” The article discusses how under the guidance of Chief Travis LeBlanc, the Enforcement Bureau’s more adversarial approach to industry lately means bigger fines, admissions of liability and what some see as an attempt at policy-making through enforcement. And while the options for challenging the bureau are largely unappealing, attorneys say a showdown with the new sheriff feels almost inevitable. Mr. Augustino provided comments, saying “As a practitioner, it’s become more and more difficult to work with the bureau toward a resolution. In my experience, in the last year or so, both the monetary and non-monetary demands have increased substantially.” Mr. Augustino explains that the practices are making it more likely that carriers will litigate a forfeiture, saying "The bureau’s position is really setting up a future showdown here where somebody finally decides it is worthwhile to follow this path and go through a trial de novo."

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