Law360 Quotes Partner Steven A. Augustino on TCPA Updates
June 8, 2015

Partner Steven A. Augustino was featured in the Law360 article “FCC Action On TCPA Protections Will Dial Up More Lawsuits.” The article discusses the late-May announcement by FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler revealing that he and his colleagues would vote at the agency’s June 18th open meeting on a proposal he has drafted to address two dozen long-pending open petitions seeking clarity on the scope and reach of the decades-old Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Mr. Augustino notes that, “Some kind of action on TCPA questions is long overdue.” But he goes on to warn that the action may only change the complexion of TCPA litigation. “The tone of Chairman Wheeler’s announcement is troubling, and may fuel the flames of litigation,” Mr. Augustino said. “Although Wheeler’s announcement describes its decisions as declaratory rulings, some of the provisions sound more like rulemaking decisions.”

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