Law360 Quotes Partner Steven A. Augustino on Review of FCC Enforcement Bureau
October 28, 2015

Partner Steve Augustino was quoted in the Law360 article “Mammoth FCC Fines Draw Flak Amid Push For GAO Probe.” The article covers a recent a recent letter from Congress urging the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) oversight of its enforcement arm. Mr. Augustino noted that Congress has an incentive to scrutinize the processes at the FCC “as a way of putting some kind of a check on the policy direction of the Commission.”  The letter instructed the GAO to determine if the enforcement bureau is accomplishing its goals of consumer protection, public safety and promoting competition, and if changes should be made to hold FCC leadership accountable. Regarding the performance metrics that should apply for enforcement bureau investigations, Mr. Augustino cautioned that it is not necessarily a negative outcome if the FCC opens an investigation but decides to take no enforcement action based on information it learns from the investigation.” 

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