Law360 Quotes Partner Steve Augustino on the FCC Reauthorization Bill
February 16, 2018
Partner Steve Augustino was quoted in the Law360 article “FCC Reauthorization Bill Reflects Industry, Policy Trends.” The article discusses three policy trends that are highlighted in the FCC reauthorization bill. “Typically, the reauthorization is designed to identify priorities for the agency to pursue. So it’s generally more big-picture things — trends we’re looking for here,” Steve noted.

Provisions to address tribal broadband, robocalling and emergency communications appeared in the reauthorization language. “The anti-spoofing section — particularly the clause dealing with international numbers — could augment the current enforcement scope of the agency. This would create new powers for the FCC, and it kind of matches up with his [FCC Chairman Ajit Pai] enforcement priorities there,” Steve said. “The FCC has previously preferred to treat 911 access and emergency communications in general as state issues. The FCC is getting much more involved. Definitely, there is a shift going on here”

“This may be like the preliminary round, but it’s not the medal round yet,” according to Steve.

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