Law360 Quotes Partner Sarah L. Reid on FCA Lawsuits
May 5, 2011

Law360 reported that the U.S. government filed a $1.1 billion False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit against Deutsche Bank AG and one of its closed mortgage units, MortgageIT Inc. "'I think the government is going to come after financial institutions directly, and they have also sent a signal to the plaintiff-relator bar that these kinds of cases might be of more interest to the government than they have been before,' said Sarah L. Reid, a partner at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP who specializes in False Claims Act defense.'"

The article also quoted Ms. Reid as noting that the case originated from a HUD investigation, instead of the more typical investigation, resulting from a qui tam filing from a private whistleblower. "'I would not underestimate the fact that the U.S. attorney has more of these cases to file,' Reid said."