Law360 Quotes Partner Mark A. Konkel on New York’s New Family Leave Program
April 4, 2016

Partner Mark A. Konkel was quoted in the Law360 article, “NY Family Leave Policy Could Gain Momentum In Other States,” regarding New York’s new paid family leave program that was signed by Governor Cuomo on Monday, April 4th. The policy allows employees to take 12 weeks to care for newborn children or severely ill family members. Mr. Konkel said the “political genius” of the law is its insurance-style funding scheme, which means that “employers don’t have to pay a dime.”

“To make the measure more politically palatable, funding it through an insurance-style scheme was instrumental in getting it passed,” Mr. Konkel said. “It’s not so much that [New York’s policy] is a model — the model already exists. It’s just picking up momentum since there’s not a lot of virulent resistance on the Republican side.”

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