Law360 Quotes Partner Lauri A. Mazzuchetti on FCC’s Chance To Stem TCPA Reassigned-Number Suits
September 2, 2014

Partner Lauri A. Mazzuchetti was quoted in the Law360 article “FCC Has Chance To Stem TCPA Reassigned-Number Suits” discussing company liability under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for non-telemarketing calls and texts sent to reassigned cellphone numbers.

"There is a lot of confusion over TCPA liability for calls made to reassigned or wrong numbers," said Ms. Mazzuchetti. "If the FCC does not step in and bring some sanity and a common sense approach to the application of this statute ... courts will continue to be flooded by TCPA litigation abuses targeting companies that believe in good faith they are making calls for which they have valid consent, but have no reliable means to determine whether and when a wireless phone number is reassigned."