Law360 Quotes Partner John Heitmann on Post-Wheeler FCC
January 12, 2017

Partner John Heitmann was featured in the Law360 article “New 3-Member FCC May Seek Consensus Post-Wheeler.” The article notes that, the Federal Communications Commission after January 20th will be down two of its five commissioners and begin the Trump administration with a 2-1 GOP majority, but experts say the new leadership may also bring a fresh push for common ground amid continuing political differences after Chairman Tom Wheeler's controversial tenure. FCC senior Republican, Ajit Pai, is widely seen as the probable choice at least to be named interim chairman and has with Republican colleague, Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, advocated for a more inclusive rulemaking process. They will have the chance to make good on the issue now, experts say, as Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn steps into her new role in the minority. Mr. Heitmann notes that, ““I think if you look at some of the writings of Commissioner Pai in particular, he’s been quite critical of the past FCC and Wheeler FCC’s push toward 3-2 rulemaking decisions, of which there have been many. What I’d be looking for is [building consensus around decisions] and making an effort to once again return to an agency that does complicated things by a consensus vote.”

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