Law360 Quotes Partner David T. Hartquist on Chinese Electrical Steel Subsidies
March 6, 2014

Partner David T. Hartquist was quoted in the Law360 article "Commerce Finds Chinese Electrical Steel Unfairly Subsidized." The article discusses the U.S. Department of Commerce's countervailing duty investigation that shows Chinese producers of electrical steel used in power transformers have benefited from unfair government subsidies. Mr. Hartquist, who is noted as the representation for the U.S. steel companies and the steelworkers union, explained that "[t]he U.S. grain-oriented electrical steel industry has suffered lost sales and plummeting profitability due to unfairly traded imports from China and the other six countries named in the industry's petition. Remedial relief is needed to counteract the significant injury that is being caused by the unfairly traded imports."