Law360 Quotes Partner David A. Hartquist on German Steel Dumping Rates
July 17, 2014

Partner David A. Hartquist was quoted in the Law360 article “DOC Sets Dumping Rates On Steel From Germany, 2 Others.” The article discusses how the U.S. Department of Commerce recently imposed dumping margins on imports of grain-oriented steel used in electrical power transformers from Germany, Japan and Poland after determining the shipments are being sold at unfairly low prices. Mr. Hartquist explained that the petitioners are still waiting on final determinations from four other countries in the investigation: China, Czech Republic, South Korea and Russia. “This is a key step forward in this important case. These antidumping margins are locked in, and importers of GOES must continue paying the U.S. government cash deposits equal to the antidumping margins on imports into the U.S.”

Mr. Hartquist and partner John M. Herrmann were also noted as the representation for the petitioners.