Law360 Quotes Partner David A. Hartquist on Final Electrical Steel Duties
September 25, 2014

Partner David A. Hartquist was quoted in the Law360 article "Commerce Levies Final Electrical Steel Duties As ITC Looms". The article outlines the Department of Commerce's September 25th ruling that exporters from China, Korea and Russia have been selling grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) in the U.S. at unfairly low prices and that imports of GOES from China have received countervailable subsidies. Petitions filed in February, by  domestic producers AK Steel Corp. and Allegheny Ludlum LLC along with the United Steelworkers, claimed loss of market share and sales because foreign competition was selling its products at below fair value. "We are pleased with the Commerce Department's findings in these investigations that considerable unfair pricing of GOES from China, Korea and Russia is occurring in the U.S. market," said Mr. Hartquist. "In combination with the significant dumping of GOES that the Commerce Department has previously found from the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan and Poland, this further unfair pricing underscores how negative conditions have been and remain in the United States for domestic producers of GOES." AK Steel and the other domestic producers are represented by Kelley Drye partners David A. Hartquist and John M. Herrmann, and Associate Grace W. Kim.