Law360 Quotes Partner August T. Horvath on Pom Ruling
February 27, 2015

Partner August T. Horvath was quoted in the Law360 article “Pom Ruling Shows Path For Health Ads To Pass FTC Muster.” This article discusses implications of the recent D.C. Circuit ruling, which backed the Federal Trade Commission's findings that Pom Wonderful LLC used deceptive claims in advertising the health benefits of its products. Mr. Horvath notes that “While the basic holdings of the appellate court didn't surprise very many people in the field, it is a useful reminder for companies of where the law is. On the one hand, the court did affirm the general approach taken by the commission in enforcing the FTC Act, but it did trim the more ambitious reach of the staff in terms of the number of studies required to substantiate non-drug-related health claims.”

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