Law360 Notes Kelley Drye’s Representation of Steel Companies and Quotes Partner Paul C. Rosenthal on Chinese Import Duties
January 31, 2014

Law360 listed partners Paul C. Rosenthal, Kathleen W. Cannon, R. Alan Luberda as representation for ArcelorMittal and other companies in the article "Steel Cos. Seek Wire Rod Duties On Chinese Imports." The article discusses recent petitions lodged by a group of steel companies to federal trade agencies, alleging that U.S. producers of certain steel wire rod are suffering as a result of subsidized and unfairly low-priced Chinese imports. Mr. Rosenthal explained that "imports of unfairly low-priced and subsidized wire rod from China have devastated pricing in the U.S. market and caused injury to the domestic industry. The domestic industry looks forward to the opportunity to present its case to the Commerce Department and U.S. International Trade Commission to obtain relief from unfairly traded imports of wire rod."