Law360 Mentions Partners Michael J. Coursey and R. Alan Luberda as Counsel to Monterey Mushrooms in Anti-Dumping Case
January 6, 2015

Partners Michael J. Coursey and R. Alan Luberda were listed as counsel to Monterey Mushrooms Inc. in the Law360 article "Mushroom Co. Pushes Fed. Circ. For Share Of Dumping Duties." The article focuses on mushroom producer Giorgio Foods Inc., and the company's claim that it was injured by certain preserved mushroom imports. Since Giorgio did not officially support the original anti-dumping petition, it is now urging the court to grant it a cut of the anti-dumping duties imposed on those imports under the now-defunct Byrd Amendment. Monterey was one of the original petitioners, and Mr. Coursey argues that Giorgio not only did not support the relevant investigation and petition, but actively tried to undermine it behind the scenes, despite its claims of "latent" support.

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