Law360 Interviews Mark Konkel on Trump’s Looming 100 Days
April 28, 2017

In the Law360 article “3 Key Questions for Employers as Trump’s 100th Day Looms,” Partner Mark Konkel comments on the Administration’s progress and the future of labor and employment law.

As Trump’s 100th day in office looms, his accomplishments do not include progress on labor policy, leaving employers unsure how the next 1,300-plus days will look. “I think the big picture here is that governing is…complicated,” said Mark. “Checks and balances are real, and you need Congress and, more broadly, popular support to get things done. In that sense, the first 100 days have been as much a story about congressional resistance and local activism against Trump’s perceived agenda.”

Trump has been slow to name a Secretary of Labor, as well as to fill two vacant seats on the National Labor Relations Board and an open EEOC seat. With so few decision-makers in place at the labor agencies, the finer points of the Administration’s labor agenda are unclear.

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