Law360 Features Partner Steve Augustino on Interacting with the FCC
May 16, 2016

Partner Steve Augustino was featured in the Law360 article “4 Ways To Win Friends And Influence People At The FCC.” The article features advice from telecom lawyers who said that FCC advocacy is best viewed from a long-term perspective, given that the same companies are continually dealing with the commission and the same people are constantly on the move, both within the industry and between industry and government. “It is a very small industry and people are mobile,” said Mr. Augustino. “People will move from position to position. … Whoever you’re dealing with, you’re going to be interacting with them again in some other context.” He went on to comment on not wasting people’s time and having straightforward, honest interactions. “You’re going to have other matters and other clients where you’re in front of those same people, and you do not want to burn bridges,” he said. “You cannot afford to sacrifice your credibility in the course of a single proceeding.”

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