Law360 Discusses HBO’s $120K Request in “Ballers” Copyright Suit
September 16, 2016

As published by Law360, HBO isn’t shying away from their request for $120,000 in attorneys’ fees stemming from the dismissal of a $200 million copyright infringement suit against the TV show “Ballers.”

HBO appeared in front of a California federal court to demand that the plaintiffs who filed the suit pay their legal fees, stating they should reimburse the $120,000 that the network spent defending a case that was “objectively unreasonable” from the start.

The plaintiffs, Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton, counter-argued, claiming that they shouldn’t have to pay the attorneys’ fees for their failed suit because their claims were not frivolous.

The HBO defendants are represented by Lee S. Brenner, Sarah L. Cronin and Ken D. Kronstadt.