Kristi Wolff Quoted in Nutraceuticals World Article on COVID-19's Effect on the Supplements Market
July 6, 2020
Partner Kristi Wolff was quoted in the Nutraceuticals World article "COVID-19: A Challenge for the Practitioner Channel". The article discusses the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted, and changed, the supplements marketplace including doctors, nutritionists, and others.

Kristi touched on the claim substantiation in the supplements market, and how having access to expert testimonials from healthcare practitioners for use in healthcare advertising does not supersede the need to provide scientific substantiation for claims.

“Endorsers must have appropriate qualifications, and their opinions must be based on their own experiences and beliefs based on the examination or testing of a product,” Wolff said. “Additionally, material connections must be disclosed, and receiving an endorsement from a practitioner involves the same rules as traditional endorsers.”
Wolff additionally cleared up possible misconceptions about “doctor recommended” claims, which supplement companies seeking out practitioner endorsements should be made aware of.
“‘Doctor recommended’ is a very powerful claim, one which requires a pretty high level of substantiation,” Wolff said. “You need to demonstrate that doctors in that field are recommending your product, using a national survey that is statistically relevant and well-designed.”

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