Kelley Drye’s Jessica Rich Quoted in WUSA - TV Story on FTC Probe of the Washington Commanders
April 18, 2022
Kelley Drye’s Jessica Rich was featured in a recent story centered around the allegations of financial impropriety by the NFL’s Washington Commanders that aired on WUSA Channel 9 (DC). The allegations claim that the Commanders underreported ticket revenue and kept two sets of financial books in order to hide funds owed to the NFL. The allegations are largely based on information coming from former Commanders sales executive Jason Friedman, who worked with the team for 24 years.

Rich said that she believes Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder is unlikely to face serious regulatory or criminal action stemming from allegations of financial improprieties within the organization. She told WUSA Channel 9 that while she expects the FTC to investigate allegations detailed by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, the matter would not rank high on the list of regulatory matters already in front of the agency.

Typically, Rich said the FTC focuses its limited resources on cases that impact more consumers and bigger dollars than those detailed in the Commanders case.

“This is not as appealing a target as massive fraud on numerous consumers who cannot protect themselves,”

You can see and read the full story here.