Kelley Drye’s Dave Frulla Featured in the Wall Street Journal
March 29, 2021
Partner Dave Frulla was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article on the Biden administrations plans to give wind-power developers access to more of the Atlantic Coast. The industry wants to locate wind turbines in the shallow waters south of Long Island and east of New Jersey known as the New York Bight, an area where commercial fishing interests have sued to stop previous leasing, saying it could risk millions of dollars in business for scallopers, in particular. The New York Bight is among the country’s three most prolific areas for scallops, said Frulla, who represents the Fisheries Survival Fund, a group including most of the country’s Atlantic Ocean scallop boats. “More turbines will make it harder for large fishing boats to navigate by disrupting the radar they depend on at night. We’re concerned that there’s such a momentum for offshore wind that the fishing industry is going to end up as collateral damage.”

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