InsideCounsel Quotes Partner Steven A. Augustino on Appeals of FCC Network Neutrality Rules
June 28, 2011
Partner Steve Augustino was quoted in the InsideCounsel article titled, "Appeal of Net Neutrality Rules ‘Fatally Premature.'" The article discussed the legal challenges corporations are likely to face regarding the FCC's network neutrality rules. In April, the D.C. Circuit became the first court to rule on a legal challenge to the FCC order, and Verizon's attempted challenge failed. "Tactically, Verizon wanted to be in the D.C. Circuit because it ruled against the FCC in the Comcast case and is generally more critical of the FCC than our other courts of appeal," said Steve. "Most of the FCC orders get appealed to the D.C. Circuit, so they're very familiar with the FCC and tend to be less deferential to it than other courts are." Steve adds that parties on both sides of the line are likely to find reason to challenge FCC regulations.