InsideCounsel Interviews Lee Brenner on Defamation Claims
April 20, 2017
Partner Lee Brenner was interviewed by Inside Counsel in the article “Trumping Defamation Claims,” discussing the January 2017 lawsuit dismissal against then-President Elect Donald Trump for offensive language he used on Twitter.

In the lawsuit Cheri Jacobus v. Donald J. Trump, Jacobus sought $4 million from Trump and his former campaign manager alleging that the presidential candidate defamed her on Twitter by falsely claiming that she “begged” for a communications job and pursued payback when she wasn’t hired.

“Even though the tweets belittled Jacobus, the court found that no reasonable reading of the comments would reflect adversely on the television commenter and dismissed the case,” explained Lee. “According to the court, it was impossible to conclude that the tweets damaged Jacobus’ reputation as a political strategist and consultant.”