Inside U.S. Trade Quotes Partner David Hartquist
November 18, 2009
Inside U.S. Trade quoted partner David Hartquist in an article titled, “U.S. Company Alleges Duty Evasion By Chinese Producers Of Steel Input.” The article discusses the allegation made by U.S. producers of small diameter graphite electrodes that Chinese producers are attempting to circumvent a U.S. antidumping duty order by shipping the product through South Korea or making insignificant changes to the length of the electrode to put it beyond the scope of the order, according to the petitioners. A filing with both Customs and Border Protection and the Commerce Department, U.S.-based Superior Graphite Company argues that imports of small diameter graphite electrodes that are being declared products of South Korea are actually products of China. Mr. Hartquist, counsel to the company responsible for this filing, says, “it does not appear that the Chinese producer is legitimately altering the products in South Korea, which could explain why the products could legally be considered Korean origin. Rather,” he alleged, “the country of origin label is simply switched once the product is in South Korea.”