Inside Counsel Quotes Partner John J. Heitmann on Location-Based Mobile Apps
September 2011
Partner John J. Heitmann was quoted in the Inside Counsel article, "Location-Based Mobile Apps Create Privacy Concerns." The article discusses how without clear rules or authority, the wireless industry self-regulates. While major players in the mobile app world have generally accepted the principles of notification, consent, and security, implementation of industry best practices is uneven among smaller app developers. The attention of lawmakers and regulators is focused on how mobile devices and apps collect location information, to what extent consumers can control such collection, and how to ensure privacy and security of the collected data.

"Right now in the privacy world ... the trend is toward protecting more information and then trying to figure out whether any of it is so special that it requires heightened protection," said Mr. Heitmann. "The consensus is that location data is special, and that it would require heightened protection and special procedures."