India Business Law Journal Quotes Partner Talat Ansari on New York as Center for India Legal Work
October 17, 2008
India Business Law Journal quoted partner Talat Ansari in a cover story regarding India-focused legal work in New York. In an article, "Who's Number One?: Lawyers Weigh in on New York's Potential to Surpass London in India-Specific Legal Importance," Mr. Ansari commented on the cultural advantages of Indian lawyers licensed to practice in both the United States and in India: "'A lot of Indian clients who are coming [to acquire U.S. entities] are very comfortable dealing with someone who speaks their own language and understands the culture,' Ansari says. 'We find that a great advantage.' And when such professionals are also licensed to practice Indian law, as the members of Ansari's team are, there's added advantage of not having to rely on Indian counsel. 'We don't have to go down to local counsel and get advice,' says Ansari. 'We can give that advice right here in New York to our American clients.'"