Inbound Logistics Quotes Special Counsel Laura Siegel Rabinowitz
July 2016

Inbound Logistics quotes special counsel Laura Siegel Rabinowitz in the article, “Navigating the Customs Labyrinth.” The article provides guidance to importers on how to comply with the customs rules and regulations governing imports. According to the U.S. Census, over $2.2 trillion worth of goods were imported in 2015. Ensuring goods proceed through Customs as smoothly as possible requires vigilance in all phases of a product’s lifecycle. Managing the process requires continual monitoring and understanding of relevant regulations. For example, to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements some imported apparel must undergo flammability testing that's conducted by an accredited agency. "When you're determining which manufacturing factory to use, have these considerations in place," recommends Ms. Rabinowitz.

Goods coming into the United States are classified using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. For some goods, the classification process is straightforward but for others it’s more complex. "Customs will ask where the design work was done," Ms. Rabinowitz says. "If it was outside the United States and isn't included in the value, the importer can get a penalty."

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