Healthcare Risk Management Quotes Partner Barbara Hoey
June 1, 2018
Barbara Hoey, chair of Kelley Drye’s Labor and Employment practice, was quoted in the Healthcare Risk Management article, “Higher Risk of Workplace Violence in Healthcare Requires Attention.” The article discusses the serious problem of workplace violence in the healthcare industry and the preventative steps that lower the risk of violent acts and potential liability.
Barbara, who represents hospitals and other healthcare facilities, says that completely avoiding violence in a healthcare setting is unrealistic. “A risk manager cannot prevent a drug-crazed individual from coming into the hospital and jumping off a stretcher to punch a nurse,” Barbara says. “But you can take preventive steps that lower that risk and lower the potential impact if that event does happen, such as having security guards whose presence either discourages that activity or helps end it before serious harm can occur.”

According to Barbara, employers should work to prevent, report and react to violent incidents. Employees should be encouraged to report all acts and threats of violence and each instance should be used as a learning opportunity.

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