Forbes Quotes Partner August T. Horvath on POM's Dispute with FTC
May 24, 2012 reported that an FTC administrative law judge recently declared much of Pom Wonderful's advertising to be deceptive about heath claims. In response, the juice company took out an aggressive ad in the on-line version of The New York Times, countering the judge's ruling. The article, "New POM Campaign Slaps FTC and Asks Public to 'Judge'," describes Pom's latest ad campaign noting some in the food-law community were "astounded by Pom Wonderful's brazenness."

"'It's extremely unusual,' August Horvath, partner at Kelley Drye, a New York-based firm, told me. 'And I consider it ill-advised … The things that Pom has won on, that it is crowing about here -- they could still lose on those matters, and a good way to do it is to make the FTC really angry. And that's what they might be doing.'"

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