Digital Business Lawyer Interviews Partner David Fink on Facebook’s Decision to Give Users the Responsibility of Determining Trustworthy News Sources
February 2, 2018
Partner David Fink was quoted in the Digital Business Lawyer article “Facebook’s New Approach to Verifying News Sources Renews Debate on Tackling ‘Fake News’,” discussing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that the “News Feed” section of the platform will not only show less news to users, but will take steps to prioritize presenting news that is “trustworthy, informative and local” from sources that users determine to be so.

“If Facebook or its experts made that determination for the Facebook community, it would be significantly influencing the perspective, so I can see why it does not want to do that,” said David. “To the extent that Facebook has the capacity to prevent its platform from essentially being weaponized as a vehicle for misinformation actions or foreign interference, I think that is a good thing. Ultimately, each one of us bears the responsibility for making sure we are well informed about our society and it is up to each individual to make responsible choices.”

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