Daily Record Quotes Bezalel Stern in article the “Legal Community Seeks Predictability in Maryland Business and Technology Courts”
March 12, 2017

Senior associate Bezalel Stern was quoted in the Daily Record article, “Legal Community Seeks Predictability in Maryland Business and Technology Courts.”  The article addresses a recent study by the Business Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association’s task force which found that the legal community wants to see more streamlined and predictable processes. The bulk of the issues centered around non-uniformity in the various Maryland circuit courts, including: how the program is administered; inconsistency in forms and case management procedures; lack of coordination and access to information; and lack of access to opinions and resources in general.

“The procedures there are a lot more sophisticated for business entities than non-business and technology circuit courts,” said Bezalel. “Maryland is a place where a lot of big companies do business. It’s really in the heart of that national conversation. ” But Bezalel acknowledged the sophistication is not uniform across all Maryland business courts, a problem highlighted in the report. Bezalel went on to say that “when you’re in New York, if you have a really tough business dispute you know you’re going to feel comfortable in the New York commercial courts. I believe that’s true in Maryland but I don’t see the streamlining that there is in New York." He anticipates that “the Maryland task force is going to bring the Maryland courts at or ahead of where the New York courts are.”