Courthouse News Quotes Lee Brenner on San Jose Inside Libel Case
July 7, 2017
Partner Lee Brenner was quoted by Courthouse News in the article, “California Politician Sues Newspaper for Defamation,” discussing the increase in defamation claims being filed since President Trump took office and how they apply to the San Jose Inside case.

Santa Clara County Democratic Party Central Committee member Shaian Mohammadi was named by San Jose Inside (SJI) in an article discussing the recent sexual harassment claims plaguing the Democratic Party in Santa Clara. The article claims Mohammadi sexually harassed Ann Grabowski, a San Jose city employee and close friend of the reporter at SJI who wrote the article.

“I’ve seen defamation claims booming lately and attacks on the media as well,” said Lee. “We have an administration that has basically made no bones about the fact that he has contempt for the press.”

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