Corporate Counsel Quotes Crystal N. Skelton on Federal Court Finding Amazon Liable for In-App Purchases
May 4, 2016

As the popularity of mobile apps continues to rise, so does their strategic marketing and advertising. However, a Federal judge recently ruled that Amazon was liable for permitting unauthorized in-app purchases incurred by children. Amazon is the last in a series of actions brought by the FTC against third-party platforms related to kids’ in-app charges (previous actions were brought against Google and Apple in 2014).

In the article “Tips for Avoiding FTC’s Wrath Over In-App Purchases” Corporate Counsel turned to Crystal N. Skelton to explain key takeaways for businesses in the mobile space following the Amazon decision.

Monitoring and addressing consumer complaints is a good starting point, Skelton says. “Consumer complaints could be a good indication that consumers are not understanding the [company’s] practices,” and by addressing these complaints, a company may be able to “dispel any consumer-related privacy concerns before they catch the attention of the FTC.”

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