Quotes Partner David E. Frulla on Midterm Election Campaign Finance
September 27, 2010

A report, "Midterm War Chests Gush Over," reviewed current fundraising which is projected to reach more than $4 billion. The article stated, "'Costs for campaigns have exploded and fund raising almost never stops,' says David Frulla, a government relations attorney at Kelley Drye & Warren in Washington, D.C. 'Politicians need millions of dollars to keep their seats for staff, advertising, mailings. It's like an arms race.'"

Mr. Frulla also commented on the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case, which blocked the ban on corporate political spending. "'My fear is that people who use this ruling will be polarizing,' says attorney David Frulla. 'I think the First Amendment is important. The concern is that I'm not sure what kind of free speech we are getting.'"