Quotes Partner Christina M. Mason on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Will
February 21, 2014

Partner Christina M. Mason was quoted in the article “Here's Why Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will is 'A Mess'.” The article discusses the decade old will of recently deceased actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, and his problematic estate plan. Hoffman appears to have left the majority of his $35 million estate to his longtime companion, Marianne O’Donnell, but because the two were never married, Ms. O’Donnell will likely have to pay hefty estate taxes on her inheritance. Ms. Mason estimates that Ms. O’Donnell could owe close to $15 million and is quoted saying, “it’s a big number.” Hoffman’s will also only includes a trust for the eldest of his three children with O’Donnell, which Ms. Mason notes is an concern “that could have been avoided with properly structured trusts for each child.”