Bloomberg Reports Kelsey Grammer and CBS Studios Win "The Game" Case
May 11, 2012

The Bloomberg article, "Writer's Suit against Kelsey Grammer and CBS Studios Dismissed" reported that on May 8, 2012, a California federal judge threw out a lawsuit brought by Cassandra D. Colo'n. The plaintiff claimed she wrote a script for the television series "The Game." She sued an agent and the producers of the show saying several of the show's episodes resembled a script she wrote, for which she was never compensated. Colo'n filed two lawsuits, one in Indiana and the second in California. In Indiana, Colo'n's case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. The federal court in California dismissed the plaintiff's case in its entirety, noting the Indiana federal court had previously decided against the plaintiff on her state law claims and that the statute of limitation had passed on her purported copyright infringement claim.

The article noted that all of the defendants, expect for the agent, were represented by Kelley Drye.