Bloomberg BNA Quotes Special Counsel Joseph Wilson on Social Media Anonymity and Yelp
January 14, 2015

Special Counsel Joseph D. Wilson was quoted in the Bloomberg BNA article "Yelp CDA 230, Reviewer Anonymity Cases Were Top Social Media Rulings in 2014." The article focuses on the judicial attention attracted by social media 2014, especially the reviewing site Yelp and other anonymity issues. Mr Wilson said, ''The Internet augments the potential damaging power of false statements by increasing the speed by which those statements can be disseminated and the number of eyes that can see those false statements.'' Yelp has appealed a reviewer anonymity case to the Virginia Supreme Court and Mr. Wilson believes this ruling will ''further crystallize the evolving legal standards concerning the circumstances and safeguards under which courts can compel disclosure of the identities of anonymous speakers without running afoul of the First Amendment.''