BNA Privacy & Security Law Report Quotes Partner John J. Heitmann on Privacy and Personal Mobile Devices at Work
September 26, 2011
Partner John J. Heitmann was quoted in the BNA Privacy & Security Law Report article, "Growing ‘Bring Your Own Device' Trend Further Blurs Work, Personal Privacy Line." The article reports on Mr. Heitmann's presentation at the International Association of Privacy Professionals Privacy Academy Conference earlier this month, "Employees, Smart Phones and Social Media: Best Practices for Mobile Computing and Social Media Policies." Mr. Heitmann discussed the growing trend of employees using personal mobile devices and social media at work and the resulting need for companies to improve their employee communications use policies. Mr. Heitmann noted that companies need to review their policies in order to adapt to the changing realities of an increasingly interconnected world, as well as constantly evolving technology.